if today is your birthday

if today is your birthday then you were born under the star sign of Cancer. Cancer is one of the most sensitive and intuitive solar signs. Each solar sign represents an archetype and yours is the crab. As a crab, you tend to never walk forward but to advance through the sides of a situation. Have you ever seen how a crab walks? that’s exactly the way you approach almost every situation in your life. But, when you do grab whatever it is you were walking to, then it is for you to keep. Just observe the crab’s behavior on the beach. If they grab something with their claws, they won’t let it go. And that’s how cancers are. Stubborn, emotive, moody and very imaginative.

The best feature of cancers is how loving they are. Even though they may seem a bit though, they are softies inside. Just like crabs, they put an armor to protect their soft insides from this awful world. And, if you make a Cancer cry, you can expect a sea of tears covering all of the places. That’s because Cancer’s element is water. Just like the sea, Cancers are moody. They come and go and they are in deep connection with the moon’s cycle. 

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